How do


point us

to Christ?

Master the theology behind your favorite films and shows!

The perfect gift for Christian fans 

of Sci-Fi and Superhero Stories

"Fun, witty, and insightful. As the ultimate Sci-Fi Jesus geek, Papandrea puts storytellers on notice: Your Christ figures will be graded!"

—Matt Forbeck, The Marvel Encyclopedia

Meet James Papandrea:
The Ultimate Sci-Fi Jesus Geek!


A life-long sci-fi fan, Jim Papandrea is a teacher, author, speaker, and musician. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Jim went on to receive his M.Div. degree from Fuller Theological Seminary with a concentration in youth ministry. 

Jim is currently Associate Professor of Church History at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary at Northwestern University, as well as a consultant in the area of Adult Faith Formation, and a regular speaker in church and lay formation programs in the Chicago area. Jim is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the North American Patristics Society, and the Catholic Association of Music.

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"From Star Wars to Superman is eminently readable, stimulating intellectually, and satisfying religiously."

—Lloyd Baugh
Professor at the Pontifical Gregorian Univeristy

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Master the theology behind your favorite films and shows!

Why the force in Star Wars
is no analogy to the Holy Spirit

Wonder Woman: 
Orthodox Christ figure 

or gnostic savior?

Regeneration as resurrection in
Doctor Who: Is it Christ-like?

The crucifixion of

Whether Neo 
is The One

The baptismal significance 
of the plane crash in LOST

Captain America and Iron-Man:
one defends the innocent, the 
other brings justice to the guilty

How Superman's life 
is a parallel of Moses

The Star Wars Christ figure:
Obi-Wan? Luke? Or even, ultimately,
Darth Vader?

The anti-Christian bias of The Planet of the Apes

. . . and much more about other 
science fiction and superhero films!

When cultures such as ours toss Jesus out one door, He comes in — albeit disguised — through another.

That's why author Jim Papandrea turned to Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman, Dr. Who, and a half-a-dozen other modern films and TV shows to explain how the story of Christ is being retold in popular fiction.

In these fascinating pages, you'll learn what kind of "Christ-figure" your favorite heroes are, as well as  what each film teaches us about Christ, humanity, and salvation.

Best of all, you'll learn how 
well your heroes  have 
achieved the qualities of Christ!  

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